Kids Classic Where’s Waldo Costume


Bring to life your kiddo’s favorite storybook character when you get them this Kids Classic Where’s Waldo Costume. Features Waldo’s iconic look from the Where’s Waldo book series that will be a neighborhood hit!

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Finding FunThere’s a lot to love about parenthood, but we think one of the coolest things is watching your child experience the same things you loved as a child. They are their own little people after all, and even though the world keeps changing and technology keeps advancing, some things prove classic enough to withstand the test of time. One such thing? Where’s Waldo! What a fun world for your child to discover!Your kiddo has recently discovered the endless hours of fun to be found in Where’s Waldo books, and now they can’t wait to dress up as their favorite character. This Kid’s Classic Where’s Waldo Costume will turn your child into the number one friend to spot in the hallways at school, in the Halloween parade, and at the costume party!Product DetailsIt’s almost impossible to see red and white horizontal stripes without feeling nostalgic for the hours you and your siblings spent pouring over your favorite Where’s Waldo book. Now your child can rock the very same stripes—this costume comes with both the long-sleeved shirt and matching beanie. Round black character glasses complete this classic look, but of course, your kid could choose to add any manner of accessories, from a walking stick to a camera to scuba gear to binoculars!Time TogetherIn honor of your child’s awesome costume pick, surprise them with a new Where’s Waldo book this Halloween. You can curl up on the couch with your own little Waldo and eat Halloween candy while you search the pages together!  

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