King Crown Costume Accessory


You can take the throne and regale the court at your coronation when you accept this King Crown Costume Accessory as leader of your kingdom!

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Hear-ye! Hear-ye! Now that we have the attention of all the townspeople, we would like to introduce the new king of the realm…you! What would you do if you were king for a day? Would you skip to the front of a line, or make sure that bad drivers meet their justice? You might sit back with a turkey leg fit for a king with a goblet of fine wine while troubadours serenade you. Everyone will bow down when they are in your presence out of deep respect for your highness! May we caution that you not let all of that power go to your head though? You’ll want to go down in history books as a diplomatic and righteous ruler. Your reputation is everything as a king…make the best of it! Your majesty will look incredibly regal when you wear this soft King Crown and ascend to your throne. It will be the crowning glory of your costume. And who knows, you might be tempted to wear it daily…since you are the king of your castle, after all.

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