Women’s Plus Size Civil War Dress Costume


Go back in time to an era of beautiful style and pride with our Plus Size Women’s Civil War Dress Costume. Complete with delicate patterns and beautiful ribbon, this costume is made for a true historian!

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It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times…Civil war, or any kind of war, is never great. There’s always bloodshed, heartbreak, sickness, shortages, and wounds – both physical and mental – that take time to heal. On the other hand, just like throughout the rest of human history, there are always good things to be found right alongside the bad. Physicians start to realize that handwashing before surgery is a good idea. The bridge to women’s suffrage begins to be built. The steam engine blazes across the prairie, reuniting families and cutting down on weeks of travel in covered wagons. And best of all, women’s fashions were absolutely stunning! Product DetailsYou’ll fit right in during the War between the States thanks to this exclusive Plus Size Women’s Civil War Dress Costume! The floor-length dress is made of light and comfortable polyester calico fabric and is printed all over with a delicate floral pattern. We did you a solid and put a zipper up the back instead of a million tiny buttons (it might be less historically accurate, but you’ll thank us for the fact that you can fasten your dress yourself instead of having to get someone to do it for you.) Pink satin ribbon decorates the cuffs, hemline, and bodice, and a matching ribbon is sewn to the waist as a sash. The plastic cameo and decorative buttons give the dress some extra flair. An included petticoat goes under the whole thing to pouf out your skirts beautifully – no hoopskirt required! American BelleWhether you wear this costume for a pageant, reenactment or party, you’ll look like America’s sweetheart. Enjoy the benefits of throwback fashion without having to wear a corset to get the look! 

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