Disney Cheshire Cat Fuzzy Costume Cap


This Cheshire Cat Fuzzy Costume Cap for Adults is for all the Alice Through the Looking Glass fans. Become a part of the Alice in Wonderland universe!

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A Wonderful Wonderland CapAlice is wandering through Wonderland, bewildered and intrigued at the same time. Then, she sees a large cat in a tree. In some versions of the tale, this cat is pink and purple, in others blue and gray. But in every rendition, the Cheshire Cat has an impossibly huge grin. He may be able to go invisible, but you will be easy to spot in this bright, furry hat! Put a grin on everyone’s face when you put on this Cheshire Cat Fuzzy Cap! Whether you’re feeling helpful or mischievious, you can grin under its wide brim.Product DetailsThis baseball cap is covered from head to tail (so to speak) with soft faux fur. The fuzz is gray and blue, styled after the 2010 film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. The back has a velcro type fastener on the band for a perfect fit. Two ears poke up from the cap for a fun 3D touch. And like the real Cheshire Cat, the eyes and teeth can glow in the dark! So whether you are headed to a costume party or just feel a bit “mad” today, this fuzzy hat is sure to inspire your day.

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