Kid’s Sweet Scarecrow Poncho


Put a fun and simple twist on a classic costume with the Kid’s Sweet Scarecrow Poncho! Complete with raffia fringe and patchwork patterns for that iconic scarecrow look.

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Not So ScaryWe love all of the spookiness of Halloween. The leering jack-o’-lanterns, the bloody ghouls, the masked killers. But there is a whole other side to the fall season! Apple picking, pumpkin carving, cool nights and bonfires, and lots of cute autumnal decorations make this time of year special, too. If your child has expressed an interest in wearing some more autumnal clothes, look no further! This Kid’s Sweet Scarecrow Poncho can be worn as an outfit focus or as the base of a costume. It’s all about the accessories!Product DetailsThis farm inspired poncho has all of the seasonal details you could want. The plaid fabric is an appropriate orange, blue, and yellow pattern, while the shaggy beige trim on the neckline and hem reminds us of straw. Scarecrows are made of scrounged materials, so this poncho has some patches. The bright blue and orange add visual interest, while the strawlike heart adds sweetness. Your child can pair this poncho with jeans and boots for a simple but cute look, or they can add some makeup to take this accessory and make it a costume. Will the scarecrow be nice or terrifying? That’s up to them!

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