Forever a Gnome Women’s Costume


Take your favorite lawn ornament to the Halloween party with the Women’s Forever a Gnome Costume! The blue smock, red and white striped tights, and red cone cap create a fun look!

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Living that Gnome LifeHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be a gnome? Well, we’ve done a lot of thinking on the matter. In fact, we’ve even done some experiential immersion to learn more about living life as a gnome!What we learned is everyone loves a good gnome. You know the ones we’re talking about, with their pointy hats, long tunics, and rosy cheeks? Young or old, if someone finds a classic gnome, they will at least suggest wanting to have it in their garden (that’s why there are so many around still). Then the gnomes themselves, they have a sneaky little system to live their best life at all time. Left alone in their gardens, they spend the day making deals with squirrels and birds. The squirrels and birds bring them only the best morsels they can gather, and the gnomes use their subtle magic to protect their animal friends from stray cats and dogs. At night they live it up! The gnomes invite all their other garden gnome friends, serve all their delicious snacks, and party the night away. The next time you see a gnome with a cracked hat or chipped paint, they are probably just showing the signs of their own debauchery. If they’ve gone missing altogether, they’re probably still sleeping off their walnuts and worms at the neighbor’s house. We had so much fun living among the gnomes, our team of designers came up with this Forever a Gnome costume­—because if we didn’t have day jobs we’d still be with our pointy-hatted friends!Design and DetailsThis quality costume comes with all the pieces you need to join the gnomes in their happy garden dominions. The loose-fit, royal-blue tunic falls to mid-thigh for a modest dress-like coverage and can be cinched at the waist with the included brown vinyl belt. Red and white striped leggings offer warmth throughout your days and nights as a gnome and match the sturdy, red-felt hat that also comes with this comfortable costume. With this Made by Us exclusive, you can be Forever a Gnome!Gnome Much Fun!Whether you’re heading to a garden party or costume party, this Forever a Gnome costume has you covered. Just add a Mushroom Purse to carry all your favorite natural snacks and you’re ready for all the gnomish fun!

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