Kid’s Prince Gristle Trolls Costume


Is your kid always happy and wants that for everyone else? If so, this Kid’s Prince Gristle Trolls Costume is perfect for him. Your little one will love ruling the Bergens and bringing happiness to his people.

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Royal TasteRoyals have eaten strange things through the years. Kings and queens have proudly dined on fattened dormice, beaver tails, and a strange whale-produced substance that would infrequently wash up on Europe’s shores, Ambergris. This being said, feasting on harmonious, fun-loving trolls just to feel a little joy seems to be taking royal food trends a little too far. King Gristle might not know how to find a bib that fits but he knows where to draw the culinary line deep inside his heart (with a little help from his true love, of course)! If your kiddo has the royal prestige it takes to run Bergentown without the nefarious taste for Troll meat, he’ll look right at home in this fully-licensed Trolls King Gristle costume! Design & DetailsThis King Gristle costume is a Made By Us exclusive, which means it was designed by our in-house creative team with quality and comfort in mind. It features a bubble bodysuit that’s padded to give your kiddo King Gristle’s rotund silhouette. The bodysuit has the king’s striped crop top, a pair of shorts, and a faux fur-trimmed cape. The bodysuit is topped with a sculpted headpiece that has long ears on the sides and a gold crown at the top. Leggings, a pair of gloves, and shoe covers complete this fully-licensed look!Easy Being GreenNow that the citizens of Bergentown know that it’s possible to be happy without feeding on Trolls, it’s going to be a lot more fun rolling the kingdom. Maybe King Gristle will make Trollstice into a Troll music festival. Maybe the citizens will all do their hair in colorful stripes! Now that your kiddo is dressed up as King Gristle, he gets to decide! So prepare yourself for a royal amount of fun, King Gristle is a green, unforeseen, party machine!

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