Prince Gristle Trolls Plus Size Costume


Looking for the perfect Trolls costume to dress up as with your family? This exclusive Plus Size Prince Gristle Trolls Costume will make you look like you stepped right out of the movie!

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Belly Empty and Heart FullOne of life’s most important lessons is knowing when not to eat your friends. Prince Gristle finds himself in a tough position: Should he succumb to peer pressure from his fellow Bergens and munch on some trolls? Or should he learn to find happiness in love, rather than in lunch? Fortunately for the Trolls, Prince Gristle decides to put fellowship, not friends, on the menu. It’s no wonder the beautiful Lady Glittersparkles loves him for who he is, not who he eats. Of course, his confident sense of style doesn’t hurt!Design & DetailsStand up for friendship, fashion, and (non-Troll) food when you wear your officially licensed, exclusive Adult Plus Size Prince Gristle Trolls Costume! The 100 percent polyester bubble bodysuit pulls over your head and is stuffed with fiberfill padding around the hips to create Prince Gristle’s signature silhouette. The bodysuit has an attached striped cropped red-and-white pullover jersey shirt. The matching leggings have an elasticized waistband and are styled to look like bare legs undershorts. Prince Gristle likes to make a bold statement by wearing a fur-trimmed cape over his casual ensemble. Your red robe is trimmed with white and black faux fur and attaches with a hook and loop fastener that is hidden behind a metallic faux gem. Shoe covers with elastic bands fasten under your feet and hide your non-royal footgear. Add the green foam-backed gloves for even more Bergen authenticity. Pull the green hood with its stiffened fabric crown and faux fur hair over your head and you’re ready to dance the night away with Lady Glittersparkles!Hangry No MoreThanks to his kind heart, Prince Gristle is still the only Bergen who has never eaten a Troll. His newfound love convinces him that you don’t need to eat others to be happy – a lesson that still rings true today!

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