Kid’s Lion Costume


Embark on an important journey to Oz while you wear this exclusive Kid’s Lion Costume. This is a fun storybook character costume for kids that they’ll love wear at their next costume event.

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At some point, nature decided that the mighty lion was the king of the jungle. Well, that’s a little silly, since lions mostly live in the middle of the Savannah… except for those few Asian forest lions, but we’re pretty sure that nature was talking about the African lion. Thing is, that is a lot of pressure for a single lion. King? Of the entire animal kingdom? What creature is ready for that? Why, it is enough to give a poor cub nightmares!And, suddenly, it all makes sense. The “Cowardly Lion” wasn’t cowardly at all! The poor guy just was a nervous wreck about all the expectations placed on his mighty brow. Why, we bet if we looked back to his younger Cub days, we’d find that the lion was a pretty brave and capable young prince.That is where your kindly kiddo comes in! With this Child Lion costume, we can harken back to simpler days and just let that lion roar come out the way it was meant to. No pressure to rule. Just enjoy the day with your tyke’s buddies, skipping down the yellow brick road, gathering up some candy. No rulership or terrifying witches to worry about. And, the kiddo will be super comfortable in this tail-attached dark tan jumpsuit with its fleece mane attached by Hook and Loop fastener. Elastic mitts and feet covers keep the look complete and the little red ribbon on the tail will help to remind that lion cub that everything is going to be A-OK!

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