Toddler Sushi Roll Food Costume


Roll out in style to collect all that Halloween candy with this Toddler Sushi Roll Food Costume! We don’t know about you, but we’re hungry for sushi all of a sudden!

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On a RollToddlers are notoriously picky eaters, right? Not your kiddo! Known to ask for curry over grilled cheese, to request unsweetened iced tea at restaurants, and to discern the bleu cheese from the gorgonzola, your toddler is as adventurous an eater as they come! Wow — please tell us how you managed to raise such a little foodie!But of all the things they love, from pho to kale chips to bibimbap, their number one most requested meal is sushi, which is why we know they will absolutely adore this Toddler Sushi Roll Costume. The round rolls are just perfect for dipping, and your kiddo perks up when exploring the different flavor combinations. Your child is even mastering chopsticks (that’s more than we can say for most adults)! Now just wait until they get into your kitchen and learn to cook!Design & DetailsNot only is this exclusive costume made by our in-house design team, but it’s also crafted to be easy for a toddler to wear. It’s a simple harness tunic with a 3-D sushi roll effect. The external edge is green to mimic a seaweed wrap. Your child can wear it over normal clothes for an easy Halloween costume that’s so much fun to show off.Roll Your Own WayNo one says Halloween, or its costumes, needs to be predictable — you can make your own family traditions. So if sushi and trick-or-treating seem like the winning combo, go for it. And take this little tuna roll with you! 

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