Demon Refrigerator Door Cover Decoration


Some doors should never be opened.. So, it’s kind of a bummer that you can’t open your fridge because of this Demon Refrigerator Door Cover Decoration. That cheesecake would have been delicious.

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An Unusual Health TechniqueWe admit it: It’s hard to resist snacking. Fortunately, we figured out a way to beat the urge. We simply asked a roaming demon to take up residence in our fridge. He’s happy to scare the daylights out of anyone who wants to find some food! Unfortunately, he doesn’t let anyone get food at mealtimes either and we’re pretty sure that the cheese is now possessed. The system has some kinks. Product DetailsThis hauntingly awesome Demon Refrigerator Door Cover Decoration will have your household shrieking with excitement (and possibly terror)! The easy-to-use vinyl panel depicts a blurry, open-mouthed face and two hands open to snatch. Approach if you dare! 

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