Woolly Mammoth Men’s Costume


Stomp your way out of extinction in this Woolly Mammoth Men’s Costume. This costume will have you looking like a woolly mammoth straight from the prehistoric period.

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Okay, Mammoth Dance. Go! Wait, you don’t know how do do a Woolly Mammoth dance? And you don’t have any tusks? Well, we’re gonna have to do something to remedy that!We can firmly and confidently declare that this men’s Woolly Mammoth costume will be the perfect way to start your furry dancing career. Because what else would a Woolly Mammoth do if they didn’t just dance dance dance!?Of course, these prehistoric mega-fauna haven’t walked the earth in 10,000 years. But that’s not a real good reason to say they can’t stomp on the ground with those massive hooves once again! All you’re gonna need to do to do the Mammoth boogie is to pick up this HalloweenCostumes.com exclusive Woolly Mammoth costume.This cool costume is made up of a jumpsuit and headpiece combination. The polyester jumpsuit features long pile fur on the body, and fleece “hooves” cover your own hands and feet. To complete the costume effect, just secure the headpiece around your head with the touch fasteners. With over-sized fleece ears, soft-sculpt tusks and the hanging trunk, you will be one heck of a ringer for a real beast!This signature costume is made and designed right here in our own costume studios, and while we’re not paleontologists, we are top notch expert professionals at making supreme quality costumes. The fur and finishes on this suit means you’ll be able to Mammoth over and over again. So pick up this men’s costume, and get ready to dance the prehistoric night away every time you feel like it!

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