Kid’s John Adams Costume


Need a costume for a President’s Day presentation or a Fourth of July parade? We have you covered with our Kid’s John Adams Costume!

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The Diligent DebaterAlexander Hamilton wasn’t a fan of him. He butted heads with John Adams on many different subjects. He also liked to get into squabbles with Ben Franklin! But the American people? Well, they seemed to like him just fine back in 1797. After George Washington served his term as President of the United States, the people voted him into the office to make him the second man to become the POTUS! He truly helped to shape the beginning of the U.S.If your child wants to share their historical knowledge, or if they want to help shape their next school pageant, then this John Adams Costume for kids is an easy choice! It’s an exclusive, Made by Us design, so you won’t find it anywhere else!Design & DetailsThis kid’s costume captures the historical style of John Adams! It starts with a brown jacket with an attached vest underneath. The jacket fits with brass-tone, metal buttons in the front. The white cravat fits around your child’s neck to give them a presidential aura! The brown pants match the jacket and feature an elastic waist to provide a comfy fit. Finally, the costume includes a faux suede tricorn hat. Once your child has it on, they’ll be ready to debate Alexander Hamilton in a heated discussion about politics!

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