Plants Vs. Zombies Kids Sunflower Costume


When your kids wear this exclusive Plants Vs. Zombies Kids Sunflower Costume they will feel like they’re bringing their favorite video game to life!

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Power UpGrow, baby, grow. That’s the name of the game. Wait, no it’s not. The name of the game is Plants vs Zombies and it’s changing the way your child feels towards vegetables. Veggies aren’t just a food group to be fed to the dog when you aren’t looking anymore. They’re superfoods in the most literal way! Plants vs Zombies features peas that reliably take down the undead with their sweet, green bullets. There are walnuts that build up blockades and bok choy that uses it’s fists of fury to disable the enemy. And none of this verdant defense is possible without the energy collecting power of the sunflower! When it comes to the first moments of every round, the race is on to plant these happy creatures so you can build up your forces. Product Details & DesignSpeaking of energy, your child will be jumping for joy once this costume is unboxed! This exclusive licensed Plants vs Zombies costume is Made-By-Us, so you know it’s a costume that can be used again and again. The green jumpsuit is easy to change into with a zipper running up the back and a separate headpiece, mitts, and shoe covers. The giant headpiece is a real showstopper with the optimistic expression everyone knows from the game and large plush flower petals that are sure to stand out in a crowd.On Gaurd-enWhile playing Plants vs Zombies on a tablet might be a lot of fun, it doesn’t compare to dressing up as the characters in real life! While this costume is sweet solo, your child can team up with friends to recreate the most dramatic moments of the game. This Halloween, your child can be the hero of their favorite game. We think that deserves an extra piece of candy while trick-or-treating, don’t you?

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