White Renaissance Peasant Shirt for Men


This White Renaissance Peasant Shirt is a traditional men’s historic Halloween costume shirt that’s great for any event!

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Hail and well met, there!Aye, you, the strapping young man who’s wearing that ugly old sack cloth! It’s high time to get yourself – and your wardrobe – out of the dark ages ere you enter into the bright and modern age of the Renaissance. Yae we all know forsooth that sack cloth scratch-eth and itch-eth and is really just not that…fashionable-eth. But whatever will you wear on the morrow and the morrows that come after that, you ask?Prithee, turn your gaze to this fine Renaissance Peasant Shirt. Verily, it is called a “peasant” shirt because of the style, not just because only peasants wear it. Every man in the kingdom oft dons these peasant-style shirts. Are you lord of the manor? Put on our men’s Renaissance trousers or breeches and a vest for the complete look of a wealthy land owner. Going out swashbuckling? Open the neck of the shirt and wear it over your leather trousers and boots. Mayhap you just want to go carousing with the other gents. Pull on your favorite manly tights, and you’ll look the part of a peasant, now.The White Renaissance Peasant Shirt is perfect for wearing while you’re huzzah-ing it up at the Renaissance fair or when you’re striding – nay, riding – into the Halloween party at the great hall. The shirt is tailored from the finest, 100% cotton with dashing, full sleeves and a ties at the neck when wearing to proper festivities. Anon and fare-thee-well until we met at yon party!

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