Kid’s Brave Joan of Arc Costume


When you’re in need of a noble knight to help you around the neighborhood to collect candy or help you clean up all the toys around the house, look no further then the Brave Joan of Arc Costume for Kids. Your little girl has got you covered!

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15th Century SurpriseMedieval times used to be pretty wild. People believed in witches, unicorns, and sea monsters that lingered on the unknown borders of the map. Rampant disease made sure that the kings in power were always changing, causing all sorts of wars and skirmishes. Still, in all this chaos, people were shocked when a young woman in France demanded an army to defend the French throne. Somehow, she was taken seriously. She led victorious battle after battle while she was still a teenager. We cringe to think about what we were up to at 18. Not breaking society’s standards and taking hundreds of lives into our hands, that’s for certain!Costume DetailsThis lightweight version of Joan of Arc’s armor will have your kiddo feeling tough even though it’s made of lightweight fabric. The costume features sleeves and pants with a chainmail printed pattern that won’t weigh a kid down. A long blue tunic is layered over top with a Fleur de Lis printed on the front. A wide silver collar is just stiff enough to make your kiddo look ready for whatever battle comes her way! That’s Oui, not WeeYour kid’s capacity to amaze you is always taken to new heights. Who knows what she could accomplish if she was a medieval peasant called to the front. Luckily, that’s not going to happen these days. But your child might still surprise you once she’s in her Joan of Arc armor. Gone is the mac and cheese-loving scribble fiend you once knew. Now, your little one is a powerhouse! Complete this look with a sword and shield set and a few smudges of charcoal on her face for a dirty, battle-worn look to make sure that everyone else knows that your Joan of Arc is ready to take on the world!

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