Men’s Plus Size Old Time Santa Claus Costume


Bring some Holiday cheer into the season, by dressing up as the man himself, in our Men’s Plus Size Old Time Santa Claus Costume. So perfect, those kids wont know what hit them!

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An Old-Time Santa ClausWhen the Christmas season approaches, inevitably the topic of Kris Kringle comes up for discussion. And when that happens, what’s the image of Santa that’s in your mind’s eye? Do you think about a rotund Santa Claus who can always be found swigging a cola? Or perhaps you think of a mall Santa despite the fact that his beard is quite obviously fake. Or maybe you think about Santa as one of your favorite Hollywood actors, having recently watched a modern Santa inspired movie!Really, any of those are just fine. Or however else you may imagine Santa! But, for us, the image that comes to mind is a truly classic Santa. An Old Time Santa from vintage artwork of the yesteryear, with an extra-long jacket and brocade adorned suit. Of course, being the costume experts we are, when we get an image stuck in our heads, inevitably it doesn’t take us to long to create it as a costume. And that’s why we have this Old Time Santa Claus Costume ready for you!Design & DetailsWe designed this plus size Santa suit to come with everything you need, except for the beard and wig. The costume starts with a rich, red velvet jacket with white faux fur trim. The jacket also has green ribbon edging that’s decorated with gold brocade detailing for that truly vintage look. Matching pants feature an elastic waistband for an easy fit and the faux leather belt is designed to be worn over the jacket and secures with an adjustable brass-tone buckle. The classic, cone-shaped Santa hat, black boot tops, and wrist-length white gloves complete the look. And we do sell Santa beard and wig sets separately if your facial hair situation isn’t quite Santa worthy! Santa ShenanigansLiven up your Santa shenanigans by picking up this Plus Size Old Time Santa Suit. The traditional look will help your performance and will have you set up as a picture-perfect Jolly Old St. Nick. No matter your holiday plans, when you’ve got this costume, you’re going to be spreading holiday cheer in your neighborhood in no time!

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