Girl’s Medusa Costume


Freeze all of the other trick-or-treaters and turn them to stone with a single gaze with this Girls Medusa Costume. This exclusive costume is sure to be a hit this Halloween.

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Modern Age MedusaWe often wonder what would happen if the Medusa was around in our modern age. We know that people who looked her directly in the eyes would turn to stone. That much would still apply. But what about video calls? If she rang someone up on Zoom would they turn to stone on the other end or would they be able to talk over her plans for renovating the ruins she’s been living in over the past thousand years? Then again, would she be able to go out and about without anyone turning into marble if she wore a pair of sunglasses? Or does one glance at the rest of her face make you sedimental? Maybe stepping into Medusa’s shoes for a day would give us a little inside to the rules and regulations of modern-day Medusa!Design & DetailsThis gorgeous Made By Us Medusa costume channels Ancient Greek mythology from head to toe. The featured dress flows beautifully and is trimmed with a golden geometric pattern around the hemline. A subtle snakeskin sash is layered over the top, falling down one side in a toga-like fashion. Cinched at the middle with a jeweled snakeskin belt, the dress is sure to make your child feel mystical as soon as she slips it on. The legendary ensemble is topped off with a golden crown with distinctly snake-like shapes jutting from the top. Love the hair our model is rocking? Check out our wigs to get this little Medusa’s full look!Tipping the ScalesWhile most kids are a little scared of snakes, this ensemble is sure to make your child feel powerful! While it’s perfect for Halloween, your kid might want to break it out to do a project on the Medusa story in school or put together a skit at home. After all, when you have a costume that’s this legendary, you just can’t take it for granite!

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