Disney Deluxe Descendants 3 Girls Mal Costume


Dress your child as her favorite Descendants character when you put her in this Descendants 3 Girls Mal Deluxe Costume. This officially licensed costume features Mal’s look from the third Descendants movie.

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A DRAGON IN DISGUISEAs the kiddo of the enigmatic Maleficent, our hero with a dark past and a light heart has a number of tricks up her sleeve… even if her friends are trying to show that she doesn’t really need to play them as often as she does! Who can blame Mal for wanting to make use of some of her magical talents? (After all, that Isle makes being a sorceress pretty dull.) From mystical hairstyles to one or two love spells, Mal certainly knows what she’s doing! At least until some new mysterious powers start showing up… Who knew that Mal had just the same knack for draconic shapeshifting as dear old Mom!? (Actually, we suppose it was pretty much a surprise to her, too.) Still, the ability to turn into a fire breathing dragon is quite the trick to keep under wraps. Perhaps because of the dragon tattoo or might it have something to do with that fantastic style that Mal manages to wear all the time? Makes one wonder… FUN DETAILSTime to experiment with some of that old Maleficient magic by gearing up your kiddo with this Mal costume. This is an officially licensed look in honor of Descendants 3 from Disney’s epic series of films and books. Your tyke will love the dark black and purple jumpsuit as well as the vest that features stark lapels and a textured waist. Clap the look together with the pair of cuff gloves, clearly made for spellcasting speed! DRAGON TRANSFORMATION?Try as we might, we have yet to figure out how to include the ability to become a dragon with our costumes. We’re working on it; promise! While this Mal costume won’t provide your kiddo with dragon magic, it is filled to the brim with Disney fun which is almost as good. 

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