Kids Black Suit Costume


If he wants to look like a classy little fella, then our Child Black Suit can do the trick! He can be a secret agent, a Hollywood star, or just a cool guy in a suit.

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Classy. That’s this Child’s Black Suit in one word. Classy.And who doesn’t want a classy kid? Everyone “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” at a kid in a little suit. There are coos, cheek pinching, and plenty of photos that are taken of the well-dressed kiddo. At an event where your kid could be tearing up the dance floor or taking lots of group pictures for an extravagent wedding ceremony, it’s less daunting for them (and a little more adorable) when your kid is dressed to the nines. Because even if their antics are a little wild, hey, at least they’re well groomed and they look like a million bucks.But understandably we can’t just leave you with one word to describe this chic suit. One word isn’t good enough. As a matter of fact, we’re obligated to give you many words. So here it goes. This suit is classy (perfect for formal events), versatile (did you see it comes with a bow and a tie?), chic (black is sooooo classic), and versatile. Yes. We said versatile twice. That’s because it’s super versatile. Not only can you swap out the ties, roll up the sleeves and go with or without the jacket, imagine the costume and occasion possibilities! Weddings. Funerals. Secret agent. Mobster. Bond. Hollywood Star. And a bunch more (though we can’t think of them at the moment)! This is your one-stop Black Suit for all of your child’s needs.

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