Kid’s Black Gloves


Add this basic pair of child sized black gloves to nearly any costume for a complete look. These inexpensive gloves will offer warmth and style.

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Being a kid is great. We think you should enjoy every minute of it! But there are a few grown-up things that are tough to pull off, unless you’ve got the right attitude and the right clothing. For example, most banks are hesitant to lend money to children. So you might want to try wearing an oversized peacoat, standing on one of your pals’ shoulders, and refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer. Weren’t they fooled? Did you try putting on a fake beard and switching up your alias? Well, it was kind of a long shot. Maybe you should stick to dressing up like a classy lady or a villainous countess. It’s a little easier than getting a loan, since it doesn’t require a credit check and we can supply you with fancy elbow-length black gloves like these. People might be a little surprised when they find out that you’re not old enough to drive or vote, because it takes some maturity to pull off these elegant accessories. Bravo!

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