Short Royal Cape Accessory


You may kiss the ring it’s the Short Royal Cape Accessory. Show you’re a true royal with the Short Royal Cape Accessory! Don’t forget to wear your crown!

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All Hail!Have you ever been hailed? What about bowed to? Has anyone ever bowed to you? We think it would feel pretty great to have people honor you that way everywhere you go. Maybe you can find out what being a royal feels like if you dressed like royalty. We can see you showing up to your local fast food joint and getting a free meal as all the customers bow down and offer you their fries and meat patties. Arrive at a friend’s house and watch their esteem for you increase ten-fold. Looks who’s not making fun of your shoes, now! Whether you’re rolling onto an everyday scene or dressing up for a special occasion, you’ll enjoy making a royal entrance in this lovely red velvet cape.Product DetailsThis lovely cape falls over your arms to make every one of your movements elegant. It has a faux fur trim collar that secures around the neck with a chain. Layer it over a range of costumes for a classic, hoity-toity look. This accessory can be a fun staple in your private wardrobe and a real asset to community theater and school wardrobes! Pair this with a crown and people are sure to hail you wherever you go!

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