Poseidon Adult Costume Kit


Plans to dress up as the god of sea this Halloween? This Poseidon Costume Kit for Adults makes the perfect accessory kit to complete your overall Poseidon inspired look!

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10,000 Leagues Under the SeaBeing the god of the sea, you have never had much interest in the affairs of mortals. There is so much ocean to rule that you are never short on things to do or places to go! From sirens, merfolk, sharks, and krakens, you have your hands full with the creatures of the sea. Not to mention Cyclopes!But still, there are some things that you think the land dwellers do right. For example, making the perfectly crispy and delicious French fry is nigh impossible when you are so deep in the ocean. Using ocean vents and sea cucumbers just doesn’t create that golden color and crisp texture that you love. Ah well, you can’t win them all!Kinda FishyWhether you are planning on causing a roiling typhoon or a whirlpool of unimaginable horrors, this Poseidon Costume Kit is the perfect way to show everyone that you mean business. Surfing around with your trident and picking up ships like toys is cool and all, but without your bracers and crown you are just some anonymous god.Luckily, this golden, finned pair of bracers and nine starred-crown are perfect for you! You will feel like royalty when you ride a shark into the party wearing these!

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