Women’s Roller Skate Rita Costume


Get your skates on and get ready to head to the sock hop it’s the Women’s Roller Skate Rita Costume!

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Hey Good Lookin’, What’s Cookin? Golly, the roller rink is hopping! Guys and gals are pairing up to skate together and there sure are a lot of dreamboats here tonight! You, of course, are unfazed by all the cuties checking you out. You know you look pretty nifty yourself in your black and pink duds, with your hair styled just right. No one has to know how many hours you spent with your locks wound around those orange juice cans – let ’em think you woke up like this! As Buddy Holly and Elvis croon in the background, you give a little “come hither” smile to your best guy. Check out the smile on his face as he rushes to your side! I guess he’s just as excited as you are to share a shake at the soda fountain when you leave the rink together. Product DetailsThis hip and adorable Women’s Roller Skate Rita costume will have you on cloud nine! Look fresh as a daisy in your off-the-shoulder black shirt that will have all the boys crashing into the rink walls because they forget to look where they’re going. The sassy little pink skirt flounces beautifully as you skate and features a sweet pink poodle with a silver sequin leash. Add the black belt with the flirty bow and tie the pink scarf in a jaunty knot around your neck. Ready for the Sock HopForget the Pink Ladies – a roller skating diva is the person to be this Halloween. The greasers will be powerless to resist you! 

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