Plus Size Tavern Maiden Costume for Women


This Plus Size Tavern Maiden Costume is great as a Renaissance costume, but it also works as a pirate wench costume, too! Available in 1X, 2X, 3X and 4X.

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Imagine you are hard at work running your busy Renaissance-era tavern, pouring ale and slinging stew for weary travelers and local regulars. Do you picture yourself wearing an elegant gown, with pretty slippers and streamers in your hair? Or, would you rather be decked out in this sexy Tavern Maiden Costume, and show everyone how to really have a good time? If you’re like us, most of our knowledge of Renaissance times comes from faires and movies based on Shakespeare plays. These probably aren’t the most historically accurate sources, but they sure paint a fun scene, and one of the staples of this scene is the humble tavern. Taverns seem to be where all the good stuff happened back then. It’s where you went for food, drink, warmth, news, and to look for work. And in many taverns, there was a tough talking gal running the show. She kept things from getting too rowdy, and also made sure everyone had a drink in their hand and a room for the night. Well, if they had coin to spare, that is. This Renaissance-inspired costume is a fun way to step into the part of a tavern keeper, or many other roles from “ye olde times.” The earthy and warm colored dress and corset would look right at home in an old village full of hardworking people who know how to let their hair down. Just slip on a pair of sturdy, sassy boots, and you’ll be all ready to handle tonight’s crowd at your imaginary tavern from earlier, or to let your imagination run wild at the Renaissance Festival!