Jumbo Blue Baby Bottle


Congratulations it’s a boy! This Giant Jumbo Blue Baby Bottle will look so sweet with your adult baby costume your baby will love it too!! Its prefect for when babies get all grumpy because they’re hungry.

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What baby wants baby gets! That’s the motto we like to go by and babies seem to like it too, there’s a lot less crying from both sides when we stick to it. Now, you never hear anyone say, “what the grownup wants, the grownup gets” and we think that is just sad, so why not revert back to infancy? Forget the time machine, because you can go through your second infancy by becoming an adult baby with this Jumbo Blue Baby Bottle! When your girlfriend calls you a man-child you can proudly lift your bottle to the heavens and give her a nod in agreement. If your parents tell you to act your age, say, in the most serious tone you can “goo-goo gah-gah”. While your boss is leaning over your shoulder, watching you work, like a hawk, proudly ask him for a pat on the back then belch until he leaves your personal space. Take your adult baby status seriously and remember that age is just a number, you’re as old or as young as you want to be!

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