Adult Werewolf Costume Gloves


Transform into a terrifying werewolf this Halloween with the Adult Werewolf Costume Gloves! Be a big bad werewolf this year with the Adult Werewolf Costume Gloves!

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BIG CHANGES ARE ABOUT TO HAPPENHey, we’re not trying to turn this into a big ordeal or anything but rumor has it that you’re a werewolf. That’s awesome bro, no judgment here. We’re not going to ask you how are why you turned (even though we’re curious as to whether you were cursed, bitten, or born that way but nevermind), but we would like to know what werewolf life is like. When the moon is full, do you loathe turning into a werewolf or do you look forward to it? Is it painful or exhilarating? What’s it like to be covered in hair and have four legs? We’re dying to know but we’re not ready to sacrifice ourselves to become one. Maybe we’ll just go the safe route and wear these realistic werewolf gloves instead. If we like them well enough, maybe we’ll come back and ask you to bite us!        PRODUCT DETAILSBecoming a werewolf has never been so painless and easy, thanks to these adult werewolf gloves. They are easy to slip on, covered in fur and feature claws that are soft-to-the-touch.  SOMETHING TO SINK YOUR TEETH INTOWe know you can actually turn into a werewolf but just in case you’re looking for more accessories, we have what your werewolf heart desires!

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