Inflatable Poke Ball Costume for Kids


Catch em all in this awesome Inflatable Poke Ball Kids Costume. Use the battery operated fan to inflate into the famous Pokemon Poke Ball. This costume is sure to be a show stopper!

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How to Catch ‘Em AllWe thought a LOT about the humble Poke Ball. Without them, the whole Pokemon world couldn’t exist! Ash and his friends toss them around like they’re some kind of toy, but they’re truly a marvel of technology. They’re the size of a tennis ball and yet they can comfortably house a Pokemon (large or small) inside of it. The Pokemon don’t seem to mind hanging out inside of them, so they must be nice inside! Well, if your child is in awe of the mighty Poke Ball, just like we are, then they’ll feel right at home wearing this Inflatable Poke Ball Costume.Product DetailsThis officially licensed kid’s costume comes straight from the Pokemon video game series. It comes with a bodysuit made out of windbreaker material. It has elastic in the arms and legs to help create an airtight seal. The back of the costume has an attached fan, which can be used to inflate the costume with the flip of a switch. Within minutes, the costume will fully inflate into a Poke Ball. Just leave the fan on to keep the costume inflated as your child heads out to catch some Pokemon!

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