Nightmare Before Christmas: Harlequin Demon Costume Hat


Dress up in your favorite charcter from the Nightmare Before Christmas with our Nightmare Before Christmas Harlequin Demon Costume Hat. This hat comes complete with beady eyes, and sharp teeth, to really put you into the movie scene!

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Behind Door Number OneWouldn’t it be great to have access to those holiday trees in Nightmare Before Christmas? The Christmas and the Thanksgiving tree might be pretty cool but we all know the Halloween tree would be the first one to visit! Imagine all the amazing monsters that you might find. We’d love to go to listen to some music played by the town band. And exploring the intricate cemetery would be so very interesting! The only thing is, you’ll have to seem like you belong in this spooky, spooky world. This striped Harlequin Demon hat is just the thing you need to get free rein in Halloweentown, once and for all!Product DetailsThis monstrous hat is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween, even if you’re in our boring ol’ human world. The hat has Tim Burton’s flair with striped tentacles popping up in the air and mysterious golden eyes on the base. Sharp teeth line the bottom to make it seem like you’re getting devoured by a ghoul. Ghoulish GangDo you want an easy group costume that’s just a little spooky? Check out the rest of our Nightmare Before Christmas costumes and masks! Once you get these monsters together, no one is going to miss that this is, indeed, Halloween! 

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