Cuphead: The Devil Crew Socks


Grab these comfy The Devil Crew Socks for the Cuphead gamer in your life! Complete with knitted graphics of The Devil, these socks not only provide comfort but quality!

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Souls on the LineUh oh, you’d better hurry up with those soul contracts! No one keeps the Devil waiting, if they can help it. Cuphead and Mugman only have until midnight, so they’d better get started! Are you up to the task, gamer? Then slip on these Cuphead: The Devil Crew Socks and settle in for some serious boss fights! Part of the reason people like this game is because of its difficulty. The other reason is its incredible, hand drawn graphics. Celebrate the game’s vintage animation style every time you slip these on your feet. Whether you are heading out or staying in, they are sure to bring you some gamer joy!Product DetailsIs it a good thing when the Devil is smiling? On these socks, sure! Chad Moldenhauer’s dark gray Devil smiles sinisterly from the appropriately deep red socks, each sock forming half of the face. Long horns stretch up the shins, while the large yellow eyes gaze up and away. One shaggy arm juts out to the side. And is that a hint of his golden trident on one shoulder? It’s time to save Inkwell Isle from this casino devil, so get your fiery fingers ready!

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