Dark Link Master Sword


This Dark Link Master Sword would be the perfect addition to your Legend of Zelda costume this year! It features realistic details and will have you feeling like a real part of the game.

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Become the Hyrule AntiheroSure, Link is cool. But Dark Link is the shadowy, mysterious version. He doesn’t say any more than regular Link, but his shadowy silence seems cooler. The Legend of Zelda Dark Link Master Sword is the ultimate accessory to any Nintendo fan–no matter what Legend is your favorite, or if you’re just a casual Super Smash Bros. fan. Keese, like like, octoroks, and even Ganon will get out of your way when they see you enter the party (you’re riding in on Epona, right?) Take all the treasure chests and rupees for yourself, because Dark Link is here to run the show.

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