Harry Potter Gryffindor Face Mask Gaiter


Whether you are headed to class, out for the weekend in Hogsmede, or off to Quidditch practice, we have you covered (literally!) with this stretchy Harry Potter Gryffindor Face Mask Gaiter! This face mask gator features the Gryffindor house crest on top o

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Accio AccessoryEveryone in the Wizarding World has their own kind of style. Some love a suave suit while they are apparating from place to place. Others enjoy a classic cloak that gives them a sense of witchy wonder. But, let’s be honest about one thing. Whenever someone is wandering around in a dark hood, it is clear that there is something suspicious going on! We suspect that is just the shadowy look that makes folks nervous, though. What about something bright and hopeful—like the exciting adventures that come in the halls of Hogwarts!? Now that’s the kind of accessorizing that anyone can get behind.Product DetailsGive yourself some wizardly style while providing a bit of face covering, too! It’s easy with this officially licensed Gryffindor Harry Potter Face Mask Gaiter. The stretchy material makes it fit most while the all-over print features the classic gold and maroon color scheme. The Gryffindor crest is featured front and center to let everyone know your favorite House. Now you can mutter your magical incantations without anyone else knowing what you’re about to cast, too. Perfect for any safe and fun Wizard Duel!

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