Men’s March Hare Costume


This Men’s March Hare Costume is perfect for being this wild character from Alice in Wonderland. Perfect for Halloween or for starting in a play!

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HAVING A GOOD HARE DAYAs one can plainly see, this is one very good-looking hare. His small black nose twitches only slightly but not enough to give us the creeps and every tuft of fluff is perfectly in place. He’s a sophisticated hare and emphatically grooms himself daily; you won’t find him wasting the day aimlessly bouncing around a meadow. The day is better spent sprucing up his tiny, fuzzy, bunny-bod. Oh, excuse us— we mean hare-bod. This cultured cuniculus is certainly above being referred to as a… ‘bunny’ (blech!), in fact, he despises the word. Does this look like a creature who enjoys gnawing on stale carrots while making bonehead wise-cracks all day? No way. This hare’s actively planning his next guest list for yet another smashing tea party! Some say he’s gone mad, but we think he’s just a little extra—nothing wrong with that!If you want to transform into the always-dapper kinda-kooky March Hare from Alice in Wonderland, then don this extremely well-made and high-end adult March Hare costume designed and Made By Us. Remember, no basic bunny costume will do! DESIGN & DETAILS This is a Made By Us costume which means real, functioning buttons are featured details. The pinstripe pants have elastic back waist and false fly while a cream vest front is accented by a mustard-colored jacket with long coattails in back. A light blue oversized bow tie completes the refined ensemble. The bunny ear headpiece and mitts supply the right cartoonish accessories needed to impersonate the March Hare storybook character.CARE FOR A SPOT OF TEA? The March Hare only runs (excuse us, hops) with an exclusive group of eccentric and fascinating characters. He’s not going to be caught out with just anyone! While celebrating Halloween, make sure Alice, the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and Tweedle Dee are faithfully by your side.                    

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