Toddler Classic Sulley Costume


It’s time to collect some screams! This Toddler Classic Sully Costume is a cute and comfortable costume for toddlers who love Monster Inc.! Bring the frights to the party.

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New to the Monster GameEvery monster has to start somewhere! Sulley wasn’t always the best scarer around. He had to learn all of his tricks while attending class. He studied hard and made his name as the top of his class! Is your child trying to take their first steps into the world of scaring? Then about giving them the look and confidence of the most frightening monster around! This toddler Sulley Costume is exactly what your little one needs! It’s officially licensed from the Monsters Inc. movies and is an easy choice for your child.Product DetailsBased on your favorite character from Monsters Inc., this Classic Sulley Costume is a toddler-sized outfit to help your child unleash their inner monster! The costume comes with a light blue jumpsuit that’s covered in a soft, faux fur material. The legs have large, purple spots. The suit fits with a fastener in the back, so it’s easy to wriggle your toddler into this outfit without dealing with zippers or buttons. The matching headpiece is shaped like Sulley’s head, and it even has a pair of horns. Finally, the costume comes with a plush tail, which attaches to the back of the suit. 

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