Boy’s Carnevil Killer Clown Costume


Creep everyone out this Halloween in this Boy’s Carnevil Killer Clown Costume. This grey and red clown suit with scary mask is sure to terrify anyone that sees you!

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A wicked costume theme for HalloweenSo, last year he was a Paw Patrol pup and the year before he was Mickey Mouse. Is he finally old enough to embrace a decidedly wickeder costume theme for Halloween? We say yes! Even young ones aren’t too young, really, to embrace the scarier side of Halloween. If you decide they’re up for it, there’s one particular costume we have in mind. And this style will truly ratchet the terror factor all the way up to 100. And we’d be talking about this very here Boy’s Carnevil Killer Clown Costume! A devious costume creation, this style is sure to take him from a cute trick or treater to a devilish Halloween terror. You might be on the fence about going full-tilt horror, but we say go for it! It’s embracing the true spirit of Halloween!!Product DetailsThis Killer Clown Costume comes with a baggy white and gray pinstriped jumpsuit that secures with a hook and loop fastener in the back. It has attached frills at the wrist and attached red pom-poms on the front. A collar with wide satin frills secures around the neck, and then to complete the costume transformation, all he’s gotta do is slip on the mask. With a frightening painted detail that shows off a wretched smile and wild eyes, he’ll be quite believable as a carnival clown gone bad!It’s Ready to GoOne of our favorite parts of this costume is that he can just wear his sneakers with the jumpsuit, as it’s a full costume right out of the package. You can add white gloves as we have pictured. And, of course, you may want to consider adding a plastic prop weapon to really up the terror factor. We’ve got plenty of those, and you can even add in some red paint for a blood splatter effect! (Accessories sold separately.)

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