Gold Dollar Sign Purse


Show everyone that you’re rolling in dollar signs with this Gold Dollar Sign Costume Purse! It will be the perfect accessory to complete your costume look.

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Rollin’ in ItYou know what they say about karma – no, not the cussing part. The part about how the energy you put out into the world comes back to you. Act unkind, and you’ll see more unkindness than goodness in the people around you. On the other hand, if you strive to be generous, other people will be likely to treat you with the same consideration. Why not extend that idea to your piggybank? So what if you’ve eaten ramen five meals in a row? First, ramen is delicious. Second, all you need to do is send out some rich vibes and maybe you’ll be swapping ramen for ratatouille! Or, you know. Whatever wealthyish food sounds good to you. Product DetailsPop tags and make it rain with this exclusive Gold Dollar Sign Costume Purse! The gold handbag is perfect for stuffing with $100 dollar bills – or your ID and some extra lipstick. A zippered closure on the top keeps your valuables safe. Filthy RichMake everyone think that you have more bling than you know what to do with! Go out on the town this Halloween in style, and then invite your friends over for ramen afterward. 

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