Happy Chanukah Plush Costume Hat


This is a Happy Chanukah Soft Costume Hat. Featuring a Chanukah hat with nine lit candles. It might not be quite the Chanukah you were expecting but this hat does look fun.

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Light of the PartyWhy should Christmas get all the fame, all the recognition, all the fun? Sure, Santa is fun and all, and who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? But we think it’s time Chanukah got its moment in the spotlight. Which is why we’re overjoyed to bring you this Happy Chanukah Soft Hat. Your friends’ eyes will all light up like candles on a menorah when you walk into the holiday party sporting this playful piece. And you get to wear it for eight full nights if you choose. Not even an ugly Christmas sweater can do that, now can it? Product DetailsThis menorah-themed hat features a royal blue velour exterior with a shining silver star front and center, as well as a layer of foam to help it hold its candelabra shape. White candles top the menorah, and the lining features a size-adjustable band and a hidden inner pocket for an ID, credit cards, or cash. Talk about being ready for a festive night out! Miraculous FindYou’ve been waiting for a perfect party piece to capture your burning love of Chanukah. Ta-dah! It’s a miracle! Go bold this season and we promise, you’ll light up every room you walk into!

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