Shamrock Uncle Sam Adult Hat


There is no better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than wearing as much green as possible. With this Shamrock Uncle Sam Hat, you will stand out and show your love for the Irish!

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Hat TrickHave you ever wondered what leprechauns keep in that tall hat of theirs? They’re full of secrets and surprises so we imagine there’ve got to have something stored in there! Maybe it’s full of disappearing dust or sneezing powder to confuse people who are looking for that pot of gold. Or perhaps they’re hiding a rainbow that’ll shoot out of the top if the magic words are said just right. Who knows, maybe that’s where they keep the gold. Don’t worry about the physics of that idea, this idea is all about magic, after all. This hat might not be filled with rainbows or sneezing dust or gold, but it is sure to add a magic topper to your Saint Patrick’s Day ensemble!Product DetailsThis soft shamrock hat is a whole lot of fun with a cartoonish silhouette. The brim, shamrocks, and stripes at the top are all kelly green. Pair it with any of our Saint Patrick’s Day costumes or simply top off your holiday outfit with style.Follow the RainbowNothing says you’re in the spirit of the season like a real leprechaun hat. There’ll be no pinching this Saint Paddy’s Day, it’s safe to say that you’re in the green!

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