Crafty Turkey Costume for Toddlers


Gobble! Gobble! Dress your little one up in this Toddler Crafty Turkey Costume and they will run around gobbling like a turkey. This costume resembles the classic turkey craft your little one would make at school.

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Crafty Little BirdRemember all the time and care you put into crafts as a child? Not only were you following instructions, you wanted every construction paper turkey to be the best it could be. A similar dedication has gone into raising your children. So much so that they’ve picked up the same habits. When their preschool teacher taught them how to make construction paper characters, they executed each with a precision that rivaled yours. The first time they made a turkey, they were over the moon, and your toddler quickly filled the fridge door with pages and pages of the colorful birds. So when they asked to be a turkey for Halloween, you weren’t surprised—obsessions tend to influence every part of toddlers’ lives. Unfortunately, while your construction paper crafting is strong, translating that skill into costume-making never happened.Design & DetailsLuckily, our talented team of designers did manage to turn crafting into art with this Toddler Crafty Turkey Costume. Inspired by those beloved paper turkeys from childhood, this charming costume earns an A+ in art class! Super-soft velour fabric forms the bubble-shaped tunic and attached hood made to look like a turkey face. True to the inspiration, three colors of felt compose the turkey’s fan tail to create a crafty, construction paper look. Shoe covers designed to look like turkey feet complete the costume. And getting in and out of this exclusive costume is made easy with a zipper closure on the back of the tunic and hook & loop fastener strips that allow the turkey tail to be detachable.Turkey TraditionsWhether you’re putting on a preschool Thanksgiving pageant or indulging your child’s obsession with paper turkeys, this Made By Us Toddler Crafty Turkey Costume is for you! Relive childhood memories while creating countless more with your little one when you add this adorable look to your child’s dress-up collection!

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