Adult Michael Myers Classic Costume


Wreak havoc on Haddonfield this Halloween with the help of our officially licensed Adult Michael Myers Classic Costume. Featuring Michael’s iconic blue jumpsuit, with bloody stains, this costume is bound to cause some fright!

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Eerie IconViolence is never the answer. Most of us can agree. But when you’re sorting out your favorite movies to return to in this, the spookiest of seasons, those classic slasher movies strangely fit that twisted hole in your heart. Now, don’t get us wrong. All slashers are not equal. Some are classics for a reason. Michael Myers is a grand example of this. His silent, masked persona makes us nervous as soon as he shows up on screen. Appearing the moment you least expect it from behind bushes on the quaint streets of Haddonfield, he’s had us on pins and needles for decades at this point! This Halloween dress as an icon when you slip into the bloody coveralls of Michael Myers. Costume DetailsThis licensed Michael Myer costume is perfect for celebrating the season of the scary movie. The blue jumpsuit is instantly recognizable but also much more comfortable than the original with a soft fabric. Securing up the front with hook and loop fastener strips, you can change into this icon quickly! The costume is topped off with the white molded mask with blood dripping from the eyes from one of his many confrontations with Laurie Strode! Haddonfield HomecomingWhen you’re heading out as this silent yet deadly character, you’re sure to get all sorts of reactions. Some people will only react with fear while Michael Myers will be greeted like an old friend by others. This makes sense. He’s a beloved character, after all! Before you purchase this costume, make sure you think of the details such as a prop knife. Michael Myers doesn’t have any witty one-liners or slapstick bits. He’s all about the slow and silent pursuit. So it’s important that your silent ensemble is complete if you’re going to creep out your fellow horror movie fans!

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