Minecraft Prestige Kid Zombie Costume


If you have a Minecraft fan in your life then the Minecraft Prestige Child Zombie Costume is the perfect gift for you!

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BRAND NEW BUILDERSThe hype of Minecraft has gone everywhere.  Everyone knows at least a little about how fun it is to pile a bunch of blocks on top of each other to see what kind of amazing things we can create.  And, before that, folks get to experience the fun of diving deep into the earth and finding those secret spots of diamond ore and other glorious treasures.  Of course, there are also threats.  Those zombie are everywhere and constantly have created a bunch of fear for the builders… But, one thing came that nobody could have expected!  After countless zombies have munched on miners and snuck their way into houses that forgot to complete all of their walls, the zombies have started to create something more than just spooky intimidation.  We found out that they, too, want to build stuff!  Who knew that the zombies stuck around after death just because they hadn’t finished making up their epic dungeon hideaway?  PRODUCT DETAILSLet your little monster enjoy creating well beyond their dying day with this officially licensed Zombie Costume from Minecraft.  This tunic has the blue, green, and purple colorization that your kiddo has come to expect from the zombies, all made into a blocky form thanks to the foam construction.  The mask features mesh holes for the eyes and the pixilated appearance of the formerly monstrous antagonists.  Pick up a Diamond Pick to go with the look and watch your little zombie show the Minecraft world that anyone can create! 

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