Minecraft Women’s Creeper Costume


Join the game and become a creeper with the Minecraft Women’s Creeper Costume. The green dress, TNT headband, and inflatable brick anklets will have you looking the part.

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The Rarest ArmorOf all creatures that wander the Minecraft worlds, few are as frustrating as the Creeper. You can be enjoying your day, farming, mining, building, or even thinning the number of zombies. Then, there they are. Hissing and lumbering after you. You can’t let them get too close to your things or it’s going to be hours of work repairing the damage. And, worse, even if you manage to knock them out, there’s hardly ever any reward for your work!But, legends say that if you manage to defeat a thousand creepers before they spot you, you’ll discover the rarest material in all of the universes. Creeper couture! Diamonds and the glittering armor that comes from it? Pfft! That’s trash by comparison. Even the heavenly wings aren’t quite as impressive. Not only will it make the Creepers run in fear of your daunting presence, but it’s also one of the few form-fitting looks in all of Minecraft! Product DetailsStep into the world of avant-garde fashion, Minecraft style, with this Creeper costume dress. The dress is stretch-knit and designed to have the same pixelated green and white look of the dreadful monsters. Their growling face is on your lower left hip while the neckline features a sheer panel. Boxy legwarmers keep the unique style of Minecraft alive and the TNT headpiece reminds all that you’ve got the power to detonate at your whim. The look might not have any armor rating, but who needs it when you’ve got a Creeper’s danger factor!? Explosive StyleLet the Creepers out there know that you mean business with this Creeper Costume. Whether rocking a blocky style or showing off your curves, you’ll be detonating the scene in a magnificent Minecraft manner! Gather up the rest of the squad with more of our Minecraft costumes to build an amazing group look. 

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