WWE Kid’s Finn Balor Ugly Christmas Sweater


Lay down the law this holiday season in this Child WWE Finn Balor Ugly Christmas Sweater! Release the Demon inside and terrorize everyone at the next ugly sweater party.

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Finn Saves ChristmasLet us tell you the story of how Finn Balor saved Christmas! Old Jack Frost crept through the neighborhood,He iced over windows and was up to no good.Then he crafted a devious idea and he chuckled in awePerhaps he’d head to the North Pole and freeze Santa’s sleighSo each and every present would be inevitably delayed.That’s when Finn Balor showed up in full war paintAnd he was ready to show no restraintAn elbow drop, a brainbuster, and a Prince’s ThroneIt was the worst thing that Jack Frost had ever known!“Thank you, Finn!” Santa said with a cheerAnd Finn rode off into the nightAs Jack grumbled, “I’ll get you next year!” Now you can commemorate the amazing tale of how the WWE’s own Finn Balor defeated Jack Frost in a flawless victory with this Finn Balor Ugly Christmas Sweater for kids. The acrylic knit style is both comfy and warm, but the best part is that it has designs based on Finn’s signature body paint that he wears in the ring. It’s a great way for any young WWE fan to keep warm during the holidays. And it also helps ward off that devious Jack Frost!

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