Gumball Machine Costume for Women


You will be sweeter than candy when you wear this Women’s Gumball Machine Costume! This exclusive costume is easy to wear and is simply delicious!

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Make Mine a Double BubbleThere’s a hierarchy when it comes to mall candy machines. The little fruit-shaped candies are on the very bottom. The only way most kids eat those is if a couple of stray apples and bananas get left behind in the metal chute. A quarter could always go toward chocolate, of course. But how are you supposed to tell what’s at the center of a hard candy shell? It could be creamy peanut butter but it could be a cold, hard peanut. The way to get the most bang for your buck (er… make that a quarter) is to head for the bright shining globe that is the gumball machine. A winner every time, you’ll get to enjoy your money’s worth for hours while practicing your bubble blowing skills at the same time. That sounds like great value to us!Details & DesignWe’re all about fun here at That’s why our very own designers took extra care when putting together this exclusive gumball machine costume. The gumball patterned bodice has a strapless sweetheart neckline and a zipper up the back to keep you fashionable, cool, and comfortable. The waist is belted with a money slot while the skirt accents the brightly colored candies. Top the look off with the red hat and quarter purse and you’ll be ready to spread joy wherever you go!Sweet It OutWhile sweating over a decision is sometimes called for it’s not necessary when choosing your next costume. Not when your decision process can be short and sweet! You can take this gumball costume as far as you like. Pair it with a colorful wig, leggings, and bright makeup. Or simply slip it on and watch as your personality instantly becomes more bubbly. Love this look? Give us your two cents in the comments below!

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