Adult Sushi Roll Costume


If you love sushi more than anything, then you might as well just dress up as it for Halloween, and now you can with our exclusive Adult Sushi Roll Costume.

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MISO HAPPY Don’t worry, this description isn’t riddled with cheesy sushi jokes, although the idea was tempting.This sushi roll costume conjures up so many positive emotions. At first glance, complete excitement rushes over us. Wow, a giant sushi costume, neato! Then, the hunger starts in. We wish we could pop that sushi roll into our mouths STAT. Nom! Next, cue the ravenous need to devour sushi. Must. Get. Sushi. Now. Has a costume ever ignited a gamut of your emotions before? Didn’t think so. But one emotion we’re absolutely void of is the feeling of disappointment and you won’t be let down by this costume either! You may be slightly miffed that bowing your head and taking a bite is out of the question but then you’ll just feel more empowered to hit up your favorite sushi spot. Wear this costume to the restaurant and show off how passionate and dedicated you are for sticky rice wrapped in seaweed. Perhaps your sushi-obsession will score you free sushi for life! Hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream…DESIGN & DETAILSSince we’re sushi fanatics, we can certainly say this costume is representative of a cucumber-avocado tuna hand roll. The tunic stays on the body via length-adjustable clear straps over each shoulder. The plastic hoop ends, which create a circular shape, conveniently slide into front and back pockets. Finally, this Made By Us costume is exclusive, which means the expertly-crafted disguise is only sold right here. Yeaaa, we feel pretty special right now. BU-SUSHI-DOBushido is the code of honor followed by the Japanese samurai while Busushido is the code of honor developed by sushi lovers. (See what we did there?) Turn this costume into a funny group costume by getting your buddies to dress as sly ninjas. Carry a pair of fake knives or chopsticks to reinforce the funny!

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