Adult Strawberry Hoodie Costume Dress


Dress your berry best with the Strawberry Hoodie Costume Dress! Jam out this Halloween season with the Strawberry Hoodie Costume Dress!

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We’d Be Jelly But It’s Not Our JamListen, we think you’ve really got it together. How do we know? Well, you’re looking at fruit costumes you must have something good on the books. We get it, not everyone can be as sweet as a berry. But we’re glad there are people like you to spread the joy around like jam on toast. When there’s someone down in the dumps in the office we’re sure you’re the one who’s going to send them the perfect meme to make them laugh. When your friend Meghan has man trouble you talked her out of keying his car and into going with you to wine and paint night. Yes, she might have painted a portrait of Jeremy falling into a volcano but art therapy means something different to everyone. Your sweetness is catching, not cloying. So go ahead and lean your delightfully sweet vibe with this bright strawberry costume!Product Details & DesignOur in-house designers kept it sweet and simple with this Strawberry Hoodies Dress. The red fabric is accented with white outlined seeds and the sleeves and hem have bright green cuffs. The ensemble zips up the front and is topped with an adorable hood making the strawberry stem on top!There’s always DessertNo matter what you had for dinner, there’s always a place for dessert. It’s the same way with Halloween parties. Other folks might be dressed in their scariest looks but that’s why folks like you are important. You’ve gotta be there to lighten up the atmosphere! Actually, you might find that this look is perfect for all sorts of occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a day at the farmers market, walking in a parade, or promoting healthy eating at your school you’ll find an excuse to slip into this adorable look. It won’t be long before you find that the berry lifestyle is totally your jam. 

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