Beetle Bride Costume for Women


Ever wanted to marry the ghost with the most? This Women’s Beetle Bride Costume will have you looking the part in no time.

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Knot too NiceThe blushing bride image isn’t for everyone. For instance, if you’re tying the knot with an ancient ghoul because it’s the only way for him to join the land of the living, then traditional wedding conventions probably aren’t going to hold you back until you get your something borrowed, blue, old, and new. Why wear something demure when you could plan the most fabulous and daring wedding of the century. We’re picturing a black wedding cake made of chocolate ganache. A wedding tango that’ll rattle the bones of everyone at the venue. Forget a sparkler sendoff, you’d be able to add atmosphere we genuine smoke and brimstone from the underworld. Now, this is a wedding we’d RSVP for!Design & DetailsThis bold red gown will make you ready to tie the knot, underworld style. The costume features a bodysuit with layers of lace falling around the hips and around the shoulders. The high lace collar and sheer lace sleeves give you an eighties-style flair. A belt that secures around the waist and has a long train that adds to the drama. The veil headband, the bouquet of roses, and lacey garter are just the accessories that will make you feel ready to head down the eerie aisle in style!Hair-Raising HoneymoonersWhen you’re marrying into the macabre, you’ll need to be prepared for some seriously spooky surprises. A cruise down the river Styx for your honeymoon, a mother-in-law that compares you to an ex-girlfriend that was born in the Medieval era, work hours that revolve around creeping out haunted house residents during witching hours. Still, every relationship has its ups and downs, and with this costume, you’ll really be dressed for success when you’re rocking this brash Beetle Bride Ensemble. Just be sure to let us know where you’re registered, we have a haunted toaster that we’d love to send your way!

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