Spiderweb Tablecloth Decoration


Let arachnids invade your home. Set the table and the scene with this Spiderweb Tablecloth Decoration. This table covering is perfect for a Halloween party.

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Frightful FeastingChristmas cookies, Easter ham, Talk Like a Pirate Day hardtack. We love all sorts of holiday food. But there are very few feasts that are as much fun to put together as the Halloween feast. The cuisine is super creative when it comes to this, the spookiest of seasons. There are classics such as witchy finger breadsticks and marinara sauce and bowls of Candy Corn. Of course, there are also those brand new ideas that brighten the internet every year! Now, here’s the thing. It would be a true tragedy to create all those spooky foods and set your dishes on a boring, everyday table. Your spooky feast deserves better. Embrace your creepy ways with a tablecloth that celebrates the dark side of your party snacks. Product DetailsYour party with have an elegant and eerie touch when you spread this heavyweight stain-resistant vinyl tablecloth over your buffet or dinner table. The flannel backing helps it stay in place even as you pass the witch’s brew to your guests. The intricate spiderweb design covers the whole tablecloth for a piece of decor that’s instantly noticeable and yet subtle. Itsy Bitsy DetailsAre you ready to have a host of ghouls and goblins at your house? These little details are sure to set the right tone. Throw this over the buffet table and you’ll soon find that the eerie creatures around you are swarming for those spooky snacks. 

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