Gothic Bat Glasses


These Gothic Bat Glasses are the perfect accessory to wear with your costume or everyday for a fun look. The lenses are red tinted and the frame is black plastic.

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Vampire in Venice BeachWe all know that vampires don’t fare well with sunshine. But that doesn’t mean that vampires don’t want to visit the beach. Vampires love rocking beachwear, for instance. Sarongs are pretty close to capes, style-wise, and those wide-brimmed hats hide their strangely glowing eyes. It’s also a well-known fact that vamps love going for long swims. The fact that they’re immortal makes them able to take many more chances in the ocean’s waters! Beach vacations are becoming so popular with the vampire set that resorts are offering nighttime packages at a discount rate for those who can’t benefit from the sunshine days. Are you ready to take go on a vampire vacation? Well then, it’s time to plan your wardrobe. These sunglasses are a great start. Sure, vamps might not be around during the day, but those moonbeams bouncing off of white sand beaches can be pretty blinding!Product DetailsThese batty sunglasses are the perfect accessory to make your vampire costume stand out. While the red lenses may look radical, they won’t block out the sun so be sure and wear these just for fun. When you’re done with these glasses, they fold up neatly, ready to rock the next time you want to dress up!

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