Bendy Accessory Kit for Adults


If Bendy is one of your favorite video game characters, have fun dressing up as Bendy when you get this Bendy Accessory Kit for Adults. This Bendy Accessory Kit for Adults will have you bearing your devilish toothy grin in no time!

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Simple and ScaryLooking for an easy way to celebrate Halloween this year? Still want to scare the socks off all your fellow gamer friends? Look no further! Check out this Bendy Kit for adults. Without even breaking a sweat, you can look like one of the most terrifying antagonists in videogames. Thanks to this costume kit, you’ll transform into the terrifying Bendy, from Bendy and the Ink Machine, before you can say Bacon Soup. Bendy stalked you while you made your way through the abandoned animation studios. Now, you can stalk your friends at the costume parties this Halloween.Product DetailsThis costume kit is made up of three parts. The gloves are white with big black dots. They will give your hands that classic 50s cartoon animated look. The bow tie has a printed image of the one you saw around Bendy’s neck throughout the game. It will fit around your neck comfortably. Finally, top off this transformation with the Bendy mask. It features his lifeless eyes and haunting smile. There are also smoky eye holes in the mask so you won’t miss a thing! An elastic band will keep this full-face mask securely around your head through all the Halloween fun you have planned. 

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